Hearing Evaluation

When you come to the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center of Eastern Carolina ENT Head & Neck Surgery, you will meet with an audiologist who will evaluate your hearing. A comprehensive hearing test is performed to determine not only your ability to hear and understand speech, but also to determine your ability to hear different frequencies or pitches. If the hearing test shows that you have a hearing loss or if you are experiencing significant communication problems in work, home, and social environments are considered potential candidates for hearing aids.

Hearing Test with Audiologist Gail Joyner The audiologist will offer you the option of being evaluated with a hearing aid that is programmed in several different ways so you may see the advantages of each type of hearing aid. Together you will determine specific needs that must be satisfied for the hearing aid fitting to be successful for you and establish reasonable goals for the hearing aid fitting.

Discussion of Options Adjustment by audiologist Hearing aid adjustment Nan Taylor making an adjustment on a patient's hearing aid. The audiologists and physicians at Eastern Carolina ENT Head & Neck Surgery work together on a day-to-day basis to provide high quality, complete hearing care.

An audiologist has a graduate degree, has completed a clinical internship and passed a comprehensive national standardized examination. Audiologists are certified by the American Speech & Hearing Association and are certified by the NC State Hearing Aid & Fitter's Board.

Our audiologists can provide the following services:
* Comprehensive hearing evaluations for patients of all ages.
* Selection, fitting and dispensing of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.
* Patient and family counseling about living with hearing loss.
* Hearing conservation programs to help prevent hearing loss.

Our Audiology Department at East Carolina Ear, Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgery, Inc. has three fully
qualified and experienced audiologists who are happy to speak with you about your hearing needs and questions.

Sandy Royle-Tabak, MA, CCC-A
Carey Smith, Au. -D., CCC-A
Nan Taylor, MS, CCC-A
Gail B. Joyner, MAEd, CCC-A
Hollie M. Lilley, OTO-Tech.

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