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Sinuplasty is a procedure that uses a thin balloon to open the sinuses, to improve sinus drainage, and in some cases, alleviating headaches caused by sinusitis. This procedure is similar to an angioplasty, where a balloon is inserted in heart vessels to clear blockage. The balloon in a sinuplasty is placed into position where it is inflated, deflated and safely removed. This results in a widening of any blocked areas leading into the sinuses, while keeping the other areas of the nose unharmed.

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Acute Sinusitis is the painful swelling (inflammation) of the air-filled spaces behind the forehead, cheeks and eyes. For chronic patients, symptoms may occur for as long as three months, and can keep returning. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis may include chronic fatigue; cough; facial pain around the eyes, in the forehead or cheeks; headache in the front of the head or around the eyes; nasal congestion; nasal drainage; and pain in the roof of the mouth or teeth.

Some advantages of a sinuplasty is that it is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery with less bleeding and a shorter recovery time.

Many people are able to return to work within a twenty-four hour period. Your ENT surgeon will consult with you reguarding the details of your particular situation and help you choose the best treatment for your sinuses. In some cases this may involve sinuplasty, but may also include other types of treatment available through our practice.